Paulmann Esben Table Lamp


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The Paulmann Esben Table Lamp is a lovely table light. It features a glass globe with gold detailing and an E27 lamp holder. It is a great option for a lounge to illuminate a corner. You can create a look to suit your interior by choosing from a range of different bulbs, these include; a vintage look with a filament bulb, an accented colour bulb, or a cosy ambience with a golden tone globe. See the rest of the paulmann range here.

Paulmann are a German lighting manufacturer who create a range of products. They offer over 2,500 lamps and luminaires. Paulmann is a family-run company based in Springe, Germany, with offices and operations in around 40 countries. Paulmann is all about feel-good lighting and they have been passionately creating lighting for about 40 years.

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Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): H: 218 x B: 250 x T: 200 mm
Ø glass: 200 mm


1 x E27 20w


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